This project of the Association Centro di Documentazione Demologico  proposes to realize a project related to the image world called Campania Film Festival.

The Festival wants to become a point of reference for documentaries, filmmakers, photographers, artists and all those who work and express themselves through the image; it will be a real workshop where different schools of thought meet without excluding the presence of scholars from different parts of the world, such as Campania and the neighboring Regions.

The initiative is articulated on several days of vision, where also the photographic story (Photo Tale) is proposed as a screening and/or video interviews of the protagonists, as meetings and public debates, as well as from roundtables of experts in order to characterize the most scientifically the event to try to outline the future perspectives of disciplines such as Visual Anthropology.

Our task will be to make the Festival’s archive alive, as it will form in time and in the coming years of activity. We mean, thereby, that the Festival should not be confined to the only period of final programming, first because the organization goes down for the whole year, but because it will try to create thematic areas to be proposed to schools, every order and degree, to enthusiasts, and in small reviews, to start collaborations with other festivals and socio-cultural events, cinemas, cinestudio academies and to contribute at a different reading of the image.

the main goal of Campania Film Festival is to promote documentary and art cinema with particular attention to anthropological themes and methodologies. The international character of the festival is in fact not only sought but also inevitable by the vocation of discipline and the medium. The choosing to not segmentize interventions and topics by proposing themes that we think may restrict the perspective of interest is a choice. We believe that this type of cultural policy not only produces a wide range of ideas and themes but also a perspective of extended cooperation.

Certainly primary is the choice of proposals that raise the interest of a wider public for their actuality and diversity, where the exotic becomes a superfluous and superfluous category, leaving room for in a sense that they go far and beyond localistic specialism, and that they wrap through the lenses a global and contemporary dimension.